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As a car inventor,Mercedes-Mercedes-Benz has a glorious history of 132 years,Now the Trigema Star Huidi Guangshu China。2017,China has become Mercedes-Mercedes-Benz's world's first single market to exceed 600,000 years of sales.。Facing Future,Mercedes-Mercedes Seabetwill also present outstanding products for the majority of Chinese consumers、Service and brand experience,Realize long -term commitments to the Chinese market。At the same time,Mercedes-Benz will continue to practice corporate social responsibility through Mercedes-Benz Star Fund,Actively devote themselves to many social public welfare undertakings,Help the health of Chinese society、Sustainable development。

Its model: Mercedes -Benz A -Class、Mercedes -Benz B、Mercedes -Benz C Class、Mercedes -Benz E -Class、Mercedes -Benz S Class、Mercedes -Benz GLA level、Mercedes -Benz GLC level、Mercedes -Benz GLE level、Mercedes -Benz GLS level, etc.。

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Anhui Auto Trade· Mercedes Mercedes -Benz Fuyang Weijiu Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.

Address: Automotive Trade Road, the Automotive Trade Logistics Park of Fuyang Economic Development Zone179No.            

Sales0558-3770777 After -sales:0558-3770999

Company introduction:Fuyang Weijiu has advanced office facilities、Exquisite car exhibition hall、Elegant leisure area、Complete entertainment and fitness equipment、Respecting VIP reception area、Comprehensive customer service center,Equipped with advanced Mercedes -Mercedes -Benz professional tools and designated equipment,Have a group of professional training consultants -level sales and after -sales service teams

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Anhui Auto Trade·Mercedes BenzSuqian Wenfeng Weiheng Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.

Address: Shuangzhuang International Automobile City, Sucheng District, Suqian City                     

Sales0527-84985888 After -sales:0527-84989888

Company introduction:Suqian Weiheng Mercedes-Benz is the first in Suqian City in accordance with Mercedes-Mercedes -BenzStar Hui conceptseabet appDesign and Construction Mercedes -Benz4sService Center,Is Anhui Auto Trade GroupAn important sign of development in Suqian area, alsoimportant crystallization of strategic cooperation with Mercedes -Benz.

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Anhui Auto Trade ·Mercedes BenzWuhu Penglong Weheng Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.

Address: Wuhu Guo Shiqi Trade Logistics Park

Sales:0553-5760556 After -sales:0553-5760000

Company introduction:Wuhu Weicte Toyota Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.,Located on Mengxi Road, Kujiang District, Wuhu City,Registered funds of 10 million,Occantly 6200 square,Is a car that integrates car sales、Auto Finance Insurance、Car decoration、After -sales service、Supply of spare parts、Second -hand car business、Excellent brand with information feedback 4S shop。

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