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seabet appJob Responsibilities:
1、Understand customer service needs information,Perform effective tracking,Do a good job of after -sales guidance and service;
1  Answer the customer's question and implement the question;
3. Tightly cooperate with relevant departments to coordinate and communicate;
4. Maintain customer relationship.
Qualifications:http:///job.aspx? FID = 6&CID = 24
1、College degree or above,Auto work experience for more than a year;
2、SeabetA keen business consciousness,Strong strain ability、Oral expression and communication ability;
3、With strong promotion and maintenance and coordinating customers' ability,Familiar with the customer service process;
4、With strong learning ability,You can quickly master professional knowledge,Work in time;
5、Skilled use of Office and good document writing ability;
6、Rigid work,Strong planned,Good at analyzing thinking problems,I have a sense of responsibility;

Online applicationhttp:///job.aspx? FID = 6&CID = 24

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