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1. Executive Group and company insurance policy and activities;

2. Carry out insurance business sales in accordance with the relevant process,The focus is on renewal business,Complete the annual target of the renewal business;

3. Carry out renewal marketing work according to the relevant process,Enhance the satisfaction of renewal customers,Promoting the improvement of the satisfaction of renewal sales and the achievement of annual goals;

4. Carry out the reception of renewal seabet loginusers according to the requirements of the renewal business process;

5. Responsible for the relevant procedures for renewal customers.http:///job.aspx? FID = 6&CID = 24


Appointment requirements:

1.University of Technology and above,Finance、Finance、Marketing majors priority;

2.Skilled computer program (such as Word, Excel, PPT , etc.);

3.More than 1 year of auto industry/insurance industry experiencePreferred;

4.With better communication expression ability,Team collaboration ability and goodCustomer service consciousness.


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