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1、 Taking the service client Bai as the fundamental, due to their due diligence.              

2、Passionate reception customer,You must use ZHI civilization term,seabet ioUnderstand the needs and expectations of the customer DAO, Provide customers with satisfactory services.

3、 Keep his professional appearance with dress,Passion for hospitality、sincerity,Talking naturally generous,Keep reception Zone neatly clean.

4、 Skilled mastery of car knowledge,Evaluation and maintenance requirements,Timely and accurately repaired vehicle entry Walk quotation,Estimated maintenance costs or comments for relevant personnel (superiors),and get After the customer is confirmed,Open the maintenance work order,Patiently explaining the charging items and its Basis.

5、 Seriously receive customer vehicles,Cute and carefully check the appearance of the vehicle、SeabetInterior and Careful Registration, Remind customers to keep the important items in the car well.

6、 Master the maintenance progress of the workshop,Make sure to complete the customer repair project,Complete the situation on time Good vehicle delivery customers,For vehicles that cannot be delivered in time, communicate with customers in advance, Clarify the reason.

7、 Strict implementation of delivery and vehicle pickup specifications.

8、 According to maintenance needs,Adjust the maintenance project with the consent of the customer。

9、 Assisting users to do a good job of the vehicle's settlement,Passionate service,Improve customer satisfaction。

10、 Good at communicating with customers,Guide customers seabet appin all directions to improve their understanding of vehicle maintenance。

11、 Regular return visit to customers,Opinions of asking customers,Examine the satisfaction of customers, and make records according to the corresponding items. 12. Strengthen service concept,His hospitality sincere enthusiasm,Make customers always willing to be our friends Friends. 13. Treatment of customer complaints,Careful and patient explanation according to the actual situation,Maximum Limited to reduce customer complaints.

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