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Anhui Jing'an Automobile Trading Co., Ltd.
Main business: Parallel imported car
Tel: 0551-63770157
Model recommendation
Picture Model Price Car purchase policy seabet myView details
seabet io Parallel imports Mercedes -Benz Business 39.5-1168 (10,000) View
seabet login Toyota Domineering 40.5-7788 (10,000) View
seabet my Toyota Land 4600 74-104 (10,000) View
seabet app Nissan Toura 433-7855 (10,000) View
Toyota Pervia 349-40 (10,000) View
Toyota Seine 43-62 (10,000) View
Toyota Land Tour 4000 63-85 (10,000) View
Anhui Jing'an Automobile Trading Co., Ltd.
Address: Baohe Avenue, Baohe District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, and 100 meters west in the west of the auto industry square
Sales phone: 0551-63770157      Service Tel: 0551-63770157
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