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           Anhui Automobile Trade Group is awarded "Top Ten Social Responsible Dealers" and "Top Ten Auto Marketing Group"

12March 20,2019 China Car Merchant Summit Forum and Annual Awards Ceremony is held in Beijing。Mr. Lu Weimin, Chairman of Anhui Automobile Trade Group, won the "2019 Chinese Car Merchant Leadership of the Year" award,Anhui Automobile Trade Group is awarded the title of "Top Ten Social Responsible Dealers" and "Top Ten Auto Marketing Group"。


  The chairman of the helm of Anhui Automobile Trade Group -Mr. Lu Weimin,As a senior car person with experience experience in the automotive industry for nearly 40 years,always with the vision of "creating China's most influential senior auto service brand",Created Anhui Auto Trade Harmony、Unity、Entrusted Corporate Culture,Guide with continuous innovative business philosophy as a guide,Loose、Harmony、Incentive working environment,Leading "Anhui Auto Trade" has experienced a test of several ups and downs in the automotive market,Stable and stable,Unremitting seabet appefforts,Develop a small company of less than ten in the past into a large car dealer group with nearly 5,000 employees today,Enter the top 100 of the National Automobile Dealer Group,Become the most widely covered in Anhui local business、The largest senior car service brand in the area。At the same time,Chairman Lu Weimin has been committed to establishing a harmonious and win -win atmosphere in the Anhui automobile service industry,Seek better development in Anhui automobile service industry,It has dominated the development of Hefei City Cooperation South Road Automobile Street、Yaohai International Automobile City, Hefei City、Baohe Auto City, Hefei City、Mengcheng County Automobile Convention and Exhibition and Commercial Complex、Fuyang Kaiwei Automobile Trade Park、The development and construction of automotive business districts such as Wuhu Guochuan Auto Trade Park。Chairman Lu Weimin for its positive aggressive、Stable and practical work style,Get the recognition and admiration of colleagues in the industry,In 2003, he was elected as the president、It was elected as Vice President of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Automobile Dealers in 2007、2018 elected as the rotating seabet loginchairman of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce in 2018 , and won "Commemorate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up -the Outstanding Character Award in the Chinese Automobile Distribution Service Industry" ,Chairman of Lu Weimin in January 2019 participated in the Symposium on the Spring Festival Symposium on the Private Entrepreneurs of the Central United Front Work Department and was cordially involved in Comrade Wang Yang, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference,July 2019 was again elected as the president of the Anhui Automobile Dealer Chamber of Commerce,September 2019,Mr. Lu Weimin, Chairman of Anhui Automobile Trade Group, was awarded the "Influence of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China",December won the "2019 Chinese Car Merchant Leaders" award。

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Anhui Auto Trade was founded in 1983,It is the longest history of the automotive service industry in Anhui and even the country,and have a considerable scale car service company。In the early 1980s,Anhui Auto Trade has become one of the few provincial agents in Anhui Province,and take the lead in establishing the first car franchise store with four -in -one functions in 1995,Later, the first four -in -one specialty store in Anhui, Anhui, who invests in Hefei, Anhui。In recent years,With the gradual expansion of the operating network,The main two in the province、Investment stores in third -tier cities,and extended to the developed area of ​​the Yangtze River Delta。Current,The Group has built more than 50 car 4S shops,Covering Mercedes-Benz、Lexus、More than 20 brands at home and abroad at home and abroad。

Since its establishment,Adhere to "people -oriented,Integrity business,High -quality service,Return to Society "business policy,Actively absorb the introduction of advanced car marketing concepts at home and abroad,While vigorously developing the leading industry,With its own advantages,Continuously developing new business areas,Gradually to the group、Diverse direction seabet iodevelopment,Already from a single car sales,Developed into an investment operation and operating car brand specialty store as the lead,At the same time, it also operates commercial real estate development、Development of Auto Park、Second -hand car transaction、Car boutique decoration、Taxi Management、Auto Club and Automobile Financial Services、Professional automobile insurance agent and other industries with a number of industries,More than 60 wholly -owned and holding various professional companies in various types。

The development of the enterprise is inseparable from the recognition and affirmation of the society and the competent authority。December 2014,Anhui Province Consumer Rights Protection Committee established the "Anhui Province Well -known Enterprise Integrity Demonstration Consumption Rights Coalition Meeting" system,Anhui Auto Trade has been approved as one of the 13 member units,Give play to the role of demonstration and leading the provincial backbone enterprise,Jointly maintain the legitimate rights and interests of consumers,Create a consumer environment of integrity and harmony。Anhui Auto Trade has been awarded the title of "Anhui Integrity Enterprise" awarded by the Anhui Provincial Consumer Protection Commission for many years。

      Group strongly advocates enterprises and employees to participate in various social public welfare undertakings,Chairman Lu Weimin, who has been the vice chairman of the Disabled Welfare Foundation of Anhui Province for a long time,Leading the company to donate materials to the disabled,To promote the construction of the western region,He led the entire owner of car Seabetdealers to personally go to Jingning County, Gansu, Gansu,Anhui Auto Trade New Weida Products Company Book the first order,Maximum efforts to the greatest help。In order to improve more problems that are difficult to go to school for poor children,Also arranged for various companies to go to poor areas to carry out donations and scholarships,Help the development of poverty alleviation public welfare cause。Integrate responsibility and public welfare concepts into corporate genes,Create a harmonious society。

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