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November 17,Beijing Hyundai Weihe Store ushered in the user lecture hall。Automobiles gradually become part of people's lives,A familiar car can often bring more fun to the owner。More and more car owners are not familiar with their car,Not using it correctly,How to make everyone use the car correctly,It seems necessary to know some simple common sense and seabet iosome simple operations。


Common questions for customers in the process of use,explained the basic operation of the internal navigation and entertainment system of the vehicle,Simple emergency repairs of the vehicle,Precautions for the use of vehicles in the car in daily use。The location is set in the spacious second floor conference room of the 4S center of the Hyundai Hyunda in Beijing,It aims to allow our customers to understand their own car more,Customers create a platform for communication with customers。

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Hosted this Lord Lecture Hall is the technical director of our Beijing Hyundai Weihe store 4S Center ,He has been engaged in the automotive maintenance and fault diagnosis industry for many years,With his rich experience and understanding of Land Rover cars,Carefully prepared for strong targetedness,Courseware suitable for car owners。Refined language,The performance and usage of vehicles,Light to make a wonderful explanation seabet myfor everyone。We also invited experienced professional technicians to explain the technical performance of car products to riders、After -sales service、Daily maintenance of the car、Car common sense、Economic Driving、Safe driving、Urgent situation treatment and precautions for car use for four quarters,It is also particularly targeted at cold winter,Special weather conditions,Explain the precautions for car use in winter。

The lecturer is not interesting,The owners also listen to the intention。Everyone enters the lecture hall this time。The lecture hall also set up on -site questions interactive links,The owners have raised the questions encountered in their usual vehicles,Our professional technicians also answer them one by one,Push the atmosphere of the owner's lecture hall to a climax。

Based on the strong needs of car owners for vehicle knowledge,Ready to be in the future,Continue the event of the car owner seabet loginlecture hall,Employees of the after -sales department have also given strong support,They are willing to sacrifice their rest time,Prepare。Here,We thank them,Thanks to many modern car owners for strong support for us! The perfect ending of the Anhui Weihe car owl lecture hall event,effectively enhanced the transparency of Beijing modern after -sales service,riders have expressed their benefit a lot。I hope that all owners can also experience the satisfaction brought by my car with the car through the usual practice。Enjoy the happiness brought by Beijing Hyundai Cars!

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