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China is the leading global leading technology、Fashionable and elegant design in mid -to -high -end autonomous car brands,It owns a car、SUV two series of more than ten models。It is always committed to providing the quality of integrity and thoughtful service to consumers,Create national boutique with world wisdom。is the pursuit of elegant grade、Social elites with quality interpretation of excellence、Best partner of life。

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Anhui Auto Trade·Brilliance ChinaHefei Minsheng Automobile Service Co., Ltd.

Address:Hefei prosperous avenue and Tianjin Road intersection to the north50 meters of Southern Auto Industry Plaza 300 meters west 

Sales:0551-63526677After -sales::0551-63732789  

Company profile:Hefei Minsheng Automobile Service Co., Ltd. belongs to Anhui Auto Trade,It is the first Chinese car sales in Anhui Province,After -sales,Parts and information of the four -in -one Chinese brand Anhui flagship store。The company was established in2002,Registered funds of 10 million yuan,It is a collection of car seabet iosales、After -sales service、Parts supply、Information Feedback Four -in -One Automobile Sales Service Company。

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