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GAC Mitsubishi Enterprise Concept: Professional、Security、High -quality car products,Innovative seabet mycar life,Guarding the Green Earth
GAC Mitsubishi Enterprise Slogan: Professional Creation of pleasure
Professional,is DNA of Mitsubishi Automobile's standing in the car scene。Mitsubishi Automobile has more than 100 years of glorious history,In the field of SUV and racing sports,Mitsubishi Automobile won a global good reputation,Pajero's 12 championships in the Dakar Rally、Legendary Racing EVO 34 defending on WRC,It is the most powerful manifestation of the professional strength of Mitsubishi Automobile。Through more professional technology,Bring a pleasant driving experience to consumers,This is the goal pursued by GAC Mitsubishi。Therefore,On the basis seabet ioof corporate philosophy,GAC Mitsubishi released the "professional creation of joy" corporate slogan。Professional originated from the backup,Professional originated from strength,Professional achievement dream,Professional creation of joy。GAC Mitsubishi is relying on Mitsubishi Motor's professional technical advantages and SUV long,Support for the exquisite car manufacturing process and first -class marketing services of GAC Group,Continue to create joy for consumers in the colorful car life。

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Anhui Auto Trade·GAC MitsubishiAnhui Weixin Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.

Address: Changchun Street, Baohe Auto City, Hefei City15number                    

Sales:0551-63633030   After -sales:0551-63516611

Company introduction:Anhui WeixinAuthorized by GAC Mitsubishi,Collection "Brand Experience、Vehicle repair、New car sales、After -sales service、Boutique sales、Car purchase loan、Car purchase loan、Second -hand car replacement "and other businesses are integrated。Provide a vehicle sales for the majority of customers、Vehicle repair、Accessories supply、Information Feedback Service。

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