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The main business model of its underworld: Lexus seabet loginCT、ES、GS、is、ls、lx、nx、RC、rxetc.

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Anhui Auto Trade · LexusFuyang WeishangAuto Sales Service Co., Ltd.

Address: Fuyang Development Zone Auto Trade Logistics Park Sixth Road128number   

Sales:0558-6058888  After -sales:0558-2222019  

Company introduction:Fuyang Weishang"Vehicle Sales、After -sales service、Sponsor sales、Information Feedback "International Standard 4S shop,Adhering to Lexus's "wisdom and improvement、People -oriented cultural roots,Will "unwilling to、Pursuing Perfect brand spirit service to the extreme。

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Anhui Auto Trade · LexusWuhu WeilinAuto Sales Service Co., Ltd.

Address: Mengxi Road, Jiujiang Economic Development Zone, Wuhu City18-1number                   

Sales:0553-3018888   After -sales:0553-3019999

Company introduction:Anhui Auto Trade Wuhu Weilin Lexus is Lexus China's first sales shop in Wuhu City, Anhui Province,It is also nationwide  The 175th Lexus distribution store is put into operation.

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Anhui Auto Trade · Hefei Weigan Saexus Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.

Address: Changchun Street and Tianjin Road, Changchun Street, Baohe District, Hefei City, Anhui Province                  

Sales: 0551-65290000

Company introduction:Lexus Hefei Weigan belongs to Anhui Auto Trade Investment Co., Ltd.,Hefei Weigan is the third Lexus shop in Anhui Auto Trade;Lexus Hefei Weigan is the only L300 store specification in Hefei,covers an area seabet myof ​​about 7,000 square meters;Lexus Hefei Weigan is in Baohe Auto City, Hefei City,Convenience of traffic,excellent geographical location;

Group always adheres to the business model of "one -stop car service",profitability and profitable potential ranks among the forefront of the country。

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