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July 19, 2007,GAC Honda established GAC Honda Motor Research and Development Co., Ltd.,This is the first domestic investment by joint venture、Automotive research and development institutions operating with independent legal person model,own concept design、Style Design、The whole vehicle test、Real car test、Independent development capabilities including parts and components development。GAC Honda takes rolling seabet mydevelopment as mode,Realized the capacity of production capacity from 10,000 to 360,000 vehicles,The product is also expanded by an account as an account (account)、Odyssey、Fit (FIT)、Four major brands (city),Product series covers medium and senior cars、Intermediate car、Economy car、MPV and other levels。

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Anhui Auto Trade· GAC Honda Anhui Antian Automobile Trading Company

Address: The intersection of the bustling avenue and Huizhou Avenue of Baohe District, Hefei City600Mi (next to Yuhe Testing Center)         

Sales:0551-63516999    After -sales:0551-63517999

Company introduction: The new car exhibition area is set in the Antian exhibition hall of Anhui、Receive service desk、Customer lounge、children's entertainment area and other functional areas,The next -sales maintenance workshop is equipped with 25 maintenance parking spaces,With advanced car maintenance and detection equipment,Provide pure parts,It is a type of large repair enterprise approved by the transportation seabet appsystem of Anhui Province。

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Anhui Auto Trade· GAC Honda Anhui Weifengxing Auto Sales Service Co., Ltd.

Address:Hefei CityBurst Avenue and Tianjin Road intersection west100 meters 

Sales:0551-63877100  After -sales:0551-63877119

GongDivision Introduction:Anhui Weifengxing Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. is the third Guangzhou Honda Motor 4S service store authorized by Guangzhou Honda Motor Co., Ltd.,It is a whole car sales、Parts supply、Maintenance services and information feedback Four in comprehensive car service enterprises。

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Anhui Auto Trade· GAC Honda Chaohui Wei'an Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.

Address: Natham Automobile City, Jinshan South Road, Chaohu City (South south300meter)   

Sales:0551-82372666  After -sales:0551-82361010

Company introduction:Chaohu Wei'an Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. (Guangben Weian Store) is a collective car sales authorized by GAC Honda Motor Co., Ltd.、Supply of spare parts、After -sales service、Special Sales Service Store with information feedback。

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Anhui Auto Trade · GAC Honda Honda Shanghai Jiading Hongwei Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.

Address: Shanghai Huiyi Highway, Jiading District, Shanghai4588number                        

Sales021-51652666  After -sales:021-51652699

Company introductionGAC Honda Greenland Special Sales Service Store Company is a collection of "vehicle sales、Maintenance service、Performance supply and information feedback "Four -in -one 4S sales service store。High -quality work team,Equipped with complete sales and maintenance hardware facilities,Created the extraordinary service ability in the store。

Anhui Auto Trade · GAC Honda Taicang Greenfield Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.

Address: Beijing Road intersection in Taiping North Road, Taicang City (New Bus Station North200meter)        

Sales0512-53775666  After -sales:0512-53775066

Company introduction:GAC Honda Taicang Greenfield Store is a collection of "vehicle sales、Maintenance service、Pure component supply、Information Management "GAC Honda Motor Special Sales Service Store,It is the 368th Guangqi Honda 4S shop in the country,Also the exclusive GAC Honda 4S shop。

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